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    San Antonio Premier Business Association is a group of people dedicated to promoting the San Antonio business scene. We promote high-quality businesses to people living in San Antonio. If you are interested in joining the San Antonio Premier Business Association, make sure to send us a message.

  • Parks in San Antonio

    San Antonio is such a wonderful city that it has become the most popular tourist attraction in Texas. If you have never visited it before, you should choose it as destination for this summer’s holiday destination. Most of those who visit San Antonio do it for the Alamo, an 18th century Church which has become a symbol of Texas and which is now transformed into a museum but there is much more about San Antonio than just that. San Antonio is also about The River Walk, multi-cultural fiestas such as the Six Flags Fiesta, beautiful women, delicious tacos or parks which seem to be an oasis in the middle of the desert. Check out the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and Conservatory, as they are simply breathtaking. You will enjoy 33-acres of plant displays, from the desert region to the equatorial rainforest. The McAllister Park mainly attracts those who are passionate about riding the bike. Even though it is placed in the middle of the city, you will feel like somewhere far away, in a retreat and getting lost here is quite easy. Another amazing park to check out is the Japanese Tea Garden, which is such a beautiful place that we can only say one thing: it seems carved out from a movie.


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